Do you want to be outrageously successful on your own terms, in unconventional ways?
Do you want to choose your own Limitless Life?
  • Do you base your level of success on what other people expect of you?
  • Do you feel you have to choose between following your heart and following the money?
  • Do you let other peopleís advice, even if it isnít your truth, impact your decisions?

What would it be like to create your life around what you want, not what you should want or what others want? How about creating success on your own terms? Doing Ďití your way?   Whether you are looking for a new career, life balance, life partner, or whether you want to find a way to fit together all the different pieces in your life, there is a way to do this on your terms.

My vision is a world where people get to create success on their own terms, in unconventional ways.  Where people donít need to choose between their heart and soul or their mind and money. Where people define their own measure of success; live their own truths, align with their heartís desire, honor their own values and wants. Thatís what true fulfillment, personal power, and success is about. Thatís what I call living a Limitless Life.  Living and thriving by your own measure of success in a soul satisfying way.  

Create your Limitless Life with me

As a Life Coach, Iím here to help you design a life where you donít have to measure up to someone elseís standards, play small, or stay confined in a box designed by someone else. Everyone needs a guide and support as they embrace the new and unknown.  I support you and validate your choices as you leap into the unknown of your own truth and desires of this one precious, Limitless Life of yours.  My clarity will give you clarity.  My knowing will allow your inner knowing to shine through. 

Clients I work best with

I work best longer term, with clients who are aware and unconventional, who are ready to think outside the traditional box.  If you want to take responsibility for your personal life choices, and want to consciously create a true shift in your life circumstances, you are ready to work with me.  

"In the months that we worked together I moved forward, through and past some of the things in my life that had been holding me back. To have Petra as my guide I realized the potential within me and how to get more positive results in my life. I am signing back up for more of this great stuff!"
L.B., Director of Business Development (49)

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